What are “Dosham in Diamonds” or Flaws in Diamonds. ? Do They bring Bad Luck ?

There was a television serial in the recent past which projected/spoke about this. They show a live insect inside. These are theatrical creations and not possible as Diamond is Carbon frozen Forever.

There are a few websites and jewellers who claim to sell Dosham Free diamonds. But what exactly are these. Nobody Explains.

There is NO “Definition” of “Dosham” in Diamonds in the Indian Scriptures so far as we have researched. The Flaws that may be found within Diamonds are Natural Cracks, or Formational defects or Birth Marks of the Diamond. They could be just White, Black or Occasionally Red in Colour.

In the trade the Black or Red Flawed Diamonds are referred to as Diamonds with Dosham and the rest as “Dosham Free” diamonds.

A better understanding  is arrived from the Scientific and Systematic Gradation of the internal Characteristics of a Diamond as guided by the GIA (The Gemological Institute of America) which is the Apex Body for Diamond Certification.

They Classified the Internal characteristics of the Diamonds as Flawless (FL), Internally Flawless (IF), Very Very Small inclusion(VVS), Very Small inclusion (VS), Small Inclusions(SI) and Inclusions (I), depending on the Nature, Size and the Location of the flaw.

The underlining in this Clarity Gradation is that these Grades are based on 10X magnification.

So if the Diamond had a minor flaw visible at 12X or 20 X or above, it would be still called as Flawless or Internally Flawless.

And so, now, how do we answer the Question ?

We at N Gopaldaas Jewellers, as retail jewellers for about 9 Decades now (Since 1929) have Sold to a lot of People, both extremely Affluent AND the not so affluent people. Though most of our clients specifically buy D – IF and/or EF-IF, there are a few who also buy much lower clarity  (SI 1 and SI 2).

Out of these many years of Trade, we have seen very very Few Clients (may be one in a Thousand client) come back and tell us that probably the Diamond they Bought, gave some ill luck and they would like to return it  or exchange it. 99.9% clients have been happy.

And we have also observed that from the people who have come back for return or exchange have bought the IF Grade too.

The only way to make sure if the Diamonds suites us is by owning them. One or two adverse incidents do not make the Diamond Unlucky. The positive side of the incident, may be that  it saved us from a far more  worse situation.

A more mature way of determining it would be to silently observe for a week or two if the mind of the individual who uses or wears the diamond has been -by and large – At Peace. If it has been upset with just one or two things then  a deeper introspection would  help. Then, May be the Diamond has either had a Positive or a Neutral role in one’s joy and happiness.

If the individual’s mind has been in pieces (Not at Peace) it could be an indication that the Diamond does not suite him or her They should then return it .

Hence in our Trade Wisdom, we believe that These Inclusions or their Absences have made No Definitive Impact on the Buyer or the Wearer. The Satisfaction and Joy that one goes through when we Possess it, is Far more real than an abstract concept.

Go Ahead and Enjoy the privilege of Wearing a Diamond of your Choice.

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